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Put your confidence in an industry leader since 2012, that companies from around the world trust in taking their online staffing of remote freelancers to the next level. 
"Great Freelancers with Excellent Service"
Great Service Agency started its operations on January 16, 2012 with Janice and Jerome as the first freelancers of the agency with the goal of helping family and friends get hired for home-based online jobs through Upwork which was then called oDesk. The outsourcing opportunity was then scarce and the competition was tough because other freelancers from other countries offered their services at a very low rate which resulted to the drop of freelancer pay rates to less than a dollar per hour. Thanks to Upwork with their move to target quality freelancers, they implemented the minimum pay rate of freelancers to $3 per hour. The tough job now was how to recruit quality freelancers to do the job well and meet the deadlines of clients. It's a never ending loop of recruitment and marketing of the agency on Upwork. Thanks to Upwork, it has been a very reliable online marketplace for freelancers. The role of Jerome was to get clients' on board with the agency in hiring the various skilled freelancers while Janice on the other hand focused on recruitment and the quality-control of hiring freelancers for the job.

Presently, the agency has 250+ freelancers and earned more than $20,000 from various clients, worked more than 5,000 hours on 100+ contracts. Great Service Agency has only one promise to the clients and that is "great service".
Great Service Agency is composed of 250+ great professional freelancers ready to work on your business and personal tasks and we can give your business, your products and services a boost to the next level. 
A seasoned salesman, business developer and recruitment professional with more than 19 years experience in selling tangible and intangible products and services worldwide. Helped more than 100 start-ups with their sales, marketing, business development and recruitment. Jerome is an Agency Owner and Business Manager on Upwork Global, Inc., a USA-based freelancing marketplace, and worked more than 10,000 hours on 80 contracts. Started Great Service Agency, an online staffing agency on Upwork Global, Inc. in 2012 and is now managing more than 250 freelancers worldwide and completed more than 5,000 agency work hours with 100+ contracts from various clients.

Jerome was General Manager of Internet Secrets Made Easy Pty Ltd, an Australian digital marketing company for 2 years and significantly increased the number of clients while working hand-in-hand with the founder of the company. He is a Licensed Financial Advisor of one of the top life insurance and investment companies in the Philippines. He has been the Inside Sales Lead of Special Learning, Inc., a global online training company based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and helped in their B2B sales campaign with ABA Centers in the United States.

Jerome is a Casting Agent of Piranha Tank or Piranha Branding LLC, an investment live-show in the United States of America that features venture capitalists called Piranhas and Entrepreneurs who are looking for additional capital for their startup businesses. He's also a Tech Recruiter for Best Tech Recruiters, a boutique recruitment firm based in San Jose, California, USA. Jerome is the Digital Marketing Manager of ONC Marketing, a digital marketing company based in London, United Kingdom since June of 2016. He recently joined Dr. Numb, a Canadian anesthetic cream manufacturing company and is helping them with their B2B Asian and Europe sales campaign. He works hard for his clients' success because he believes that going the extra mile for them in his work will mean success for his freelance agency. He is a determined fearless leader and an aggressive salesman ready to take on new business ventures.
Rudolf Jerome Ragay
Owner and Business Manager
"Fortune favors the Bold."                                 - Virgil
Janice is efficient in staffing, recruitment, business management, social media marketing, virtual assistance, web research, article writing and customer service. She is the co-founder and business manager of Great Service Agency since 2012 and is responsible for the management of the agency finances and the recruitment of more freelancers for the agency. Janice also started  Virtual Assistant,  which recently launched due to the high demand of virtual assistant freelancers to manage her clients' daily tasks and social media sites. Janice is a freelance article writer and have helped startups with their website content and search engine optimization article spinning.
Janice Nonato-Ragay
Owner and Business Manager
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